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  • Testimonial - Kent Kopen
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    Submitted by Linda Jamison, Friday, April 15, 2016

    I've worked with Kent in the past when I refinanced my home and found him friendly, professional and easy to work with. So when I started researching Reverse Mortgages I new he was the only one I wanted to work with when I was ready to start the process. Working with him and Dee was a pleasure. They were usually available when ever I had a question and if not they promptly returned my calls. They made a stessful process easier to deal with.

  • Testimonial - Kent Kopen
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    Submitted by Al Yesk on Saturday, April 16, 2016

    Kent & his Assistant Dee, offer a level of service, competence & honesty rarely seen in today's financial markets.  They made the complex world or reverse mortgages clear so we were able to make our reverse mortgage decision logically and intelligently. The whole process was stress free, and yes, even pleasant. You'll be hard put to find anyone else as good as this. All top ratings because they deserve it!

  • Testimonial - Kathleen Healy
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    Submitted by Kathleen Healy on Monday, May 9, 2016

    Kent and his team recently helped my elderly mom with a reverse mortgage on her home in Orange County, CA. The reverse mortgage freed up some equity in my mom's house enabling her to remain in her home...so it was a "life saver" for us. I live out-of-state, but was spearheading the process for my mom and sisters, and Kent made it incredibly easy for me. He spent all the time we needed, to talk with both me and my family members, answering all of our questions, and providing us with the financial analysis we needed to make the best decision for our mom. He exceeded my expectations for level of service, care and professionalism, and I highly recommend Kent to anyone who is looking for a reverse mortgage.

Guiding Principles

The following principles represent the commitment we make to each client we are given an opportunity to serve.

  • Without exception, we will… Ask questions and listen to our clients in order to fully understand their needs, goals, and concerns.
  • Come from a place of empathy…We are sensitive to the fears and confusion that surround reverse mortgages.

Why I Do What I Do

Every time I help an older person who can no longer change their financial circumstances, I feel connected to the grace and generosity others have shown my mother – someone who knows first-hand the frustration and isolation of outliving one’s resources.

And every time a man or woman thanks me for their reverse mortgage and they tell me I’ve given them back their dignity, their independence, their ability to spoil those they love, then I know I am making a difference.

The Reverse Advisor

The Reverse Advisor is an educational resource for seniors on strategies, challenges, and benefits of using a reverse mortgage. Today's reverse mortgage, also known as a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, or HECM, can be used as a wealth management tool to eliminate monthly payments and access tax-free cash.

Ongoing and recent changes by HUD to the FHA-insured reverse mortgage program enhance its long-term stability and suitability as a solution to one of America's biggest demographic challenges: bridging the gap between longer lifespans and insufficient retirement savings. Recent legal safeguards, including financial assessment and non-borrowing spouse rules, are designed to protect senior homeowners, spouses, and their heirs.


Our mission is to educate, guide, and connect with senior homeowners who seek a safe, reliable way to access some of the wealth stored in their home to improve cash flow and provide a financial cushion. We help homeowners and home buyers age 62+ realize their dreams in less time, at less cost, with less drama.


Visit facebook.com/thereverseadvisor for reverse mortgage articles from nationally-recognized sources including: The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CBS News, Bloomberg, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, Market Watch, Ted Talks, and articles we've written as far back as 2007. Our carefully chosen facebook content is designed to help homeowners 62+ gain clarity around ways of leveraging home equity conversion mortgages (reverse mortgages) to improve their retirement income and increase their confidence and ability to handle unexpected expenses.

Our YouTube channel features videos we've created on many topics of interest to homeowners and financial professionals including our 6-step unique process, why we're passionate about helping seniors, reverse mortgage myths, how reverse mortgages work, and the process of getting a HECM.  Follow us on Twitter for current information regarding seniors and real estate finance.

We have long been committed to helping Certified Financial Planners®, CPAs, and estate planning attorneys understand and implement home-equity-based retirement strategies.  We formally began this outreach in 2007, at the University of California, with guest lectures to graduate students studying for the CFP® exam.

The For Advisors section of this website is dedicated to educating financial professionals on advanced strategies around using a reverse mortgage as a wealth management tool. It features academic papers on reverse mortgages, from The Journal of Financial Planning and Advisor Perspectives, written by leading financial thought leaders, from institutions like Princeton and Harvard.


We serve homeowners who are age 62+ and who have considerable equity in their homes. Most of our clients are introduced to us by financial services professionals, trust attorneys, real estate agents, and homeowners we've helped in the past. We frequently began relationships by talking with the adult child of a retired person because some seniors are not comfortable on the Internet.

The benefit of working with a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional, a designation we are proud to have earned, is that we subscribe to a strict code of conduct and we are trained to help find financial solutions when retirees need more income, reserves, or help mitigating a capital gains tax liability.

If you'd like a free, no obligation conversation, with a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional, about your specific situation, or your parent's, click the See Exactly What You Qualify For button below.

 Reverse Mortgage Loan Amount


Mission Viejo, California ~ This Month's Featured Community

Mission Viejo, located in Orange County, California, has a population of 93,305.  Of those, over 12,859 are homeowners age 60+. The median home value in Mission Viejo is $685,400. Home values have appreciated 4.2% over the past year according to Zillow. The median list price per square foot in Mission Viejo is $370 per squre foot and the median list price is $699,000.

There were just under 100 reverse mortgages completed in Mission Viejo in the last twelve months. Fourteen were Home Equity Conversion Mortgages used to purchase a home, as opposed to refinancing an existing home. A reverse purchase allows the new owner to pay only property taxes and hazard insurace each month without having to make a conventional mortgage payment. This strategy is often referred to as a HECM for Purchase or H4P.  

Mission Viejo is borderd by Laguna Niguel, Laguna Hills, Lake Forest, and Rancho Santa Margarita in South Orange County (OC), CA. Kent Kopen, The Reverse Advisor, and his team at UAMCO are pleased to be able to help homeowners in Mission Viejo - this month's featured community.