Guiding Principles


The following principles represent the commitment we make to each client we are given an opportunity to serve.  Without exception, we will…

Ask questions and listen to our clients in order to fully understand their needs, goals, and concerns.


Come from a place of empathy.  We are sensitive to the fears and confusion that surround reverse mortgages.


Have the heart of a teacher, not a sales person.  We believe people are quite capable of making good decisions, of making the right decision, when they have clarity and direction on how to evaluate their choices.


We believe in the concept of veritas – taking full responsibility for our actions and being honest at all times.  In fact, we believe nothing good happens until you start from truth.  A team of competent advisors can almost always help someone if everyone operates from the truth.

Approach each situation with humility.  We’re all in a state of taking a step, and then correcting our course.  The key is to do so without invalidating ourselves or others.  This often comes into play when talking to someone later in their life about financial matters.


By collaborating with our wealth management partners, we create mortgage solutions that complement our clients’ overall financial strategy and allow them to most effectively accomplish their financial goals.


Communicate with our clients and partners throughout the process, as often as they feel necessary, to maintain and enhance their peace of mind.


Be interested in your well-being, long after any one transaction is complete.