How Reverse Mortgages Work - Educational Videos

Homeowners, who are 62 and older, and have considerable equity, often wonder: how much money can I get with a reverse mortgage.  The answer depends on which type of reverse mortgage, FHA or Jumbo, whether the home is paid off, the youngest borrower’s age, and the current appraised value of the home.

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An overview of the unique process developed by Kent Kopen to provide direction, clarity, and connection to those seeking to improve their cash flow in retirement. 

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Understand the 25 steps involved in getting a reverse mortgage, including government requirements, mandatory waiting periods, and more.  This unique approach was developed by Kent Kopen, The Reverse Advisor.

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Our Mission

We help homeowners who are 62+ overcome the struggle of insufficient cash or income.

A home equity conversion mortgage can be used to refinance and eliminate existing mortgage payments.  Or, to downsize and use a reverse mortgage to buy a house that better fits their needs and wants and not have a mortgage payment.