Testimonials for The Reverse Advisor



Connie Horstkotte, CFP

Connie Horstkotte, CFP®

Certified Financial Planner™

Kent has the unique ability to present/explain complex matters to something simple and understandable which results into Aha moments.

Tim Neuville, CFP®

Tim Neuville, CFP®

Certified Financial Planner™

Kent brings real value to the table in serving client meet their financial goals. I had him speak at my class at UCI an he made it informative and very entertaining. A true professional and pleasure to work with.

Dan Lee

Dan R. Lee


Kent is a consummate professional gifted with an extraordinarily high level of head and heart balance. His intellect and command of complex factors and business analytics is matched only by his ability to simplify and communicate them through his insight into the human condition. This balance makes Kent an excellent Teacher and Leader, as we would certainly want more people to be just like him. Anyone can offer advice. Few provide wisdom. At the risk of being cliche’, Kent is truly a Trusted Advisor with a foundation set in wisdom, integrity, intellect and empathy.


Dan Ninowski Jr.

Senior Manager at First American Title

Kent is an exceptional leader, teacher and coach. While his knowledge base in many facets of the mortgage and financial industry is above and beyond most of his peers, he has the ability to deliver a given message in a way which anyone can clearly understand whether you are his subordinate, peer or client. Kent is also one of the most ethical, trustworthy and loyal people I have worked with and know. He has a strong family and faith base which keeps him grounded yet hungry to do more in life.

David Rohlander

David Rohlander

When I think of Kent, the first thing that comes to mind is integrity, then comes thoroughness and competence. Kent is a sharp intellect and excels in his ability to process complex information, especially financial. Kent listens well and is a person who is easy to respect. You should call on Kent to help you gain a more complete perspective and current solution to a financial situation, especially if it relates to “mortgages.”

Adam Heaney

Adam Heaney


Kent Kopen is one of the most detailed and thorough loan professionals I have ever met. He has a keen way of articulating a borrower’s overall net-worth and needs and presenting a sound loan solution that helps them accomplish their goals. In the area of Reverse Mortgages, Kent is someone I would trust implicitly with my own parents’ or grandparents’ financial needs.

Todd Ballenger

Todd Ballinger


I see a strong analytic capability that breeds trust. I feel when I talk to Kent that he’s providing what he knows based on a thorough review of the possibilities. I see a keen penetrating mind, and a strong desire to help others better understand through sharing of wisdom/understanding. You give me confidence, your voice rings true.