Steps to Get a Reverse Mortgage

by Kent Kopen| Mar 18, 2016 | 1 Comment


Steps to get a reverse mortgageHow to intelligently shop for, compare, and get an FHA-insured reverse mortgage. 

Our passion is helping seniors overcome the challenge of not having enough income or cash. The financial tool we specialize in is a reverse mortgage. We help homeowners, home buyers, and professionals who refer to us.


Frequently, we hear thoughtful questions like: 

  •  How do I know if this is suitable or right for me?
  •  What does it take to qualify or would I be eligible?
  •  What are the benefits, costs, pros and cons?
  •  What are the steps and how long do they take?


This article includes two videos: 1) an Overview of the process; 2) an Explanation of each of the steps, and an opportunity to download a one-page Map that shows approximately when steps occur.




 Reverse Mortgage Process Overview ~ Video One


A professional seeks first to understand (by asking questions and listening), which is why we developed the Financial Clarity Questionnaire™.  


They teach second (by answering the questions they were asked and those the client didn't know to ask), and they follow a well-thought-out process that ensures the client's needs come first and the relationship is the focal point.  


This first video is a short, high-level overview of what should happen when someone is considering a reverse mortgage.




Now that you have a sense of the big picture, you can click the button below for a richer, more detailed explanation of all the steps that make up The Reverse Advisor unique process.  


We have put countless hours into designing an experience that provides clarity, enhances your peace of mind, and helps you make wise financial decisions.  Government-regulated loans involve a lot of work, a lot of time, and many companies working behind the scenes.  The trade-off to have a safer product is worth it when it protects seniors.


Take ten minutes and watch the second video so you'll really understand all that is involved.  When you do, you'll have a better sense of all the steps in getting a reverse mortgage than most people in this industry.  Click the button below to go to step 2 and watch the details explanation video.


Watch 25-step Video


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